“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”
Warren buffet

SLH Holdings is an investment company with a forecasted pipeline assets due to be under management of $65M. HME Management, an affiliate of SLH Holdings, manages all the assets SLH is invested in. HME has consistently shown its ability to ensure all stakeholders have the highest levels of reputation and returns. As we grow and become more diversified, we are expanding our reach into new market territories.

Some of the investment-related services HME provides are:

  • Preparation of Investor Memorandum to Include:
    • Market Study
    • Investment Offer
    • Forecasted Financials
    • Project Cost and Summary
    • Architect Renderings and Drawings
    • Applicable Disclosures
  • Capital Procurement
    • Senior debt placement
    • Structure mutually beneficial ownership models between the Sponsor and Investors
  • Reporting
    • Quarterly Financial and Occupancy Reports
    • Access to an Investor specific dashboard outlining:
      • Current Investments
      • Historical Returns
      • Quarterly Reporting
      • Applicable membership documents
      • Investor K-1 access
    • Distribution schedule management